Package from Nowhere


Package from nowhere

Installation und performance as part of the group exhibition for the winners of the Solothurn County cultural prize for visual artists (Kulturförderpreis Kanton Solothurn) 2015.

Künstlerhaus, Solothurn, CH 14.8.2015 - 14.9.2015

In our absence, for the group exhibition at the Künstlerhaus in August and September 2015 we put together a package to be sent from the road. In Tallinn, Estonia we assembled the contents and sent them off: a wooden mailbox door taken from an abandoned house in Latvia, three collages and a letter for the future unknown opener of the package. With the help of these instructions, a volunteer from the vernissage guests at the Künstlerhaus in Solothurn opened the package and laid out its contents on the floor. 

The collages are titled (in the order shown): Market Girl Horizon, Strawberry Horizon, and Projection Horizon. They are all produced with photographs taken during our first months on the road, in a combination of digital montage and physical collage.